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Although money can buy Love these days…



It’s impossible to forget you for…

A pen and a pad; telling me to write a letter

A calendar hanging from wall; reminding days we spent together

Empty roof whispers; ‘Could have a date on me brother’

Bowl of biriyani asks,

‘When’s your next lunch together?’

Songs I listened thinking about you

Chocolate I had sharing with you

Clothes I wore when I met you

Words you spoke both old and new

Won’t let me for a second forget about you

It’s beyond impossible to forget you

Cause, “I drink water and you do too”


“Oh my love

I keep you in my heart

Through drenching rain and summer roughness

Oh my love

I keep you by my soul

Through shivering winter and blooming spring

Oh my love

I keep you in my mind

Through first thought of the day and last breath of life

Oh my love

Can you keep me by your side

when own shadow leaves me cause I’m coin’s losing side?” ❤

Then she said:

“I will always keep you by my side,

You would be my only partner in life’s bumpy ride.

When I said I can live without you I lied,

Cause without you I always cried.

Oh my love, I wanna be with you also in life after death,

Would love to keep you too after my last breath”


I want sun to rush to set

It’s been a day now till we met

I want that moment to linger in my sight

Can’t wait to meet my Nightingale of night

I want air to come and fly me to you

So I can claim my love and kisses that are due

I want all music to play and all birds to sing to you

It’s heaven on earth and heart in love now that I have you


Hold you tight

Love you right

When you smile

When you fight

Be your sight

In darkest night

In longest ride

Right by your side


Painter lost his color

Rainbow grew rusty.

Princess preferred pearl

Love grew dusty.

Code in constellation

Garden is labyrinth

Silence equals thousand word

Yet not too bleak for a hint

Ghost from past now a hound

Hang on I can turn around


Got million things to do for you

And a billion things to say

Take care all one after one

Just promise you’ll stay

Thousand trees all around

Hundred people by side

Lonely without you I feel

Breathlessness I can’t hide

You’ve become a part of me

You’re wind to my sail

Reason; the kind of man I’d be

We must never fail ❤


Once again its time to leave

This time mind does not know how to deceive.

For last few weeks my mind was relieved,

Would have all your time is what I believed.

The cruel world does this to me a lot,

This time a tough war ahead to fight,

For dependent I became as you taught.

It’s the hope that would make me stronger

Living separately would not last longer.

Within few months it would be one soul two body,

Time for us to get cozy…..

Am coming to make you crazy,

So buckle up, work hard and don’t be lazy…

Otherwise our life would get messy.

Promise is made to you already

To stay always with you am ever ready.

Just waiting for the time you would take me away

As from now am making a way.

To be with you in thin and thick

I suppose, know the entire trick.

Meeting you everyday has become usual

I know this feeling too is mutual.

Goodnight with a kiss

While sleeping it’s you I will miss.

Heart’s Verse



What am I without you?

Sunken ship or abducted plane

Flat tires or derailed train

What am I without you?

Corrupted i-pod or west Bengal drama

Stolen Playstation or rage-less Tamil cinema

What am I without you?

Tempered truth or faithless prophet

Updated bible or a losing bet

You are my fame in a bottle or shortcut to happiness

Perfect symphony or a rescued princess

As I sum this up hear me out my darling:

You are the difference between everything and nothing


If clouds were my ride and bolts were the fuel

I’d wait outside at 8 for my ‘_ _ _ _’ the Jewel

If Leopard could lend the legs or birds had spare feather

I’d challenge speed of light no matter what the weather


You are…

Purest drop of water when oceans running dry

Last flicker of courage when hopes a far cry

Best piece of Mozart in a world without sound

Answer to most important question; that was searched but never found

You are…

The journey I relish

The memory I cherish

The beauty and the grace that

Makes my constellation falling into place


Cruise in the oceans then climb over mountains

No matter where ever you roam… I’ll be your home.

Through with restless days, numb feet root in ground,

Weary heart says, ‘Hold her’… you’ll have my shoulder.

Where ever your fate’s driven; below hell or above heaven

Our hands will be clasped together… any option given.

You are mine till the day sun doesn’t shine,

Million verses will be ‘a few’, just know that:

I was destined to love you.


I write my verse in million stars

Length goes beyond moon to mars

Someday when I won’t be around

Stars will whisper the songs in sound

Listen to that interstellar melody

All be about you ah! Sweetened irony

When your heart’s too heavy and reason is me

Know my sweet love it’s meant to be

Where ever I stay no matter how far

Will read your wish on every shooting star.


It’s rush of love to brush up stain

to crush all emotions into heart

Trusted nobody could’ve casted a spell

that busted uncertainties from my chart.

I’m odd and you are even it’s fate that we met

as different as it can get

But oh! My cute pet you bet

without us getting together there’d be

an incomplete number set

Love is so pure more like a cure

heals you for sure once you fall in

From the first sight, it feels so right

I held on tight saying ‘I’m all in’

I’m what you didn’t have

and you are what I wished for

Pray so that I love you forever

And your love grows even more


Shapeless Fiction of Adolescent Addiction


See what this delusional angel just did! I had fallen for you even before sound of wings faded. Now I live on your love and he is about to come to his senses. That arrow is still pierced I’m injured of love as days pass it dense(s) and feeling intense(s). He will undo the wrong been done. It sounds so daft. Is it his bizarre guilty pleasure? Remember what this delusional angel just did? I bet he was having fun keeping intention well hid.

That night I dreamt of you and me in an American bar. My sleeves all folded showing a nasty scar. You were dancing with the crowd under the neon light looked irresistible with retro looking face. It was indie bar with pensive people needed no wild guess. I was just badass intruder drinking raw vodka sipped down my throat. It all shifted and instead I wished to be left with you leaning onto me saying ‘let it be’, breathing-in your hot breath mixed with lipstick scent, sweet fume of sweat conquering cheap perfume, felt breathless my lung an airless vacuum. I was intoxicated in faded vision. Woke up on my bed with your head lying on my chest, asked, was it just an aided mission? You said, remember what that delusional angel did? I bet he was having fun keeping intention well hid.

Other day, we were walking down French boulevard. Sunray reflected on blue bay, orange and wine, grapes from vine. Air filled with Mozart, papers with Salvador’s art I tried to be one of those men who prophesize with pen. Where love is a habit of romantic instinct you won me from goddess yet heaven felt closest. As the stars vanished, moon disappeared left an empty bottle of wine, and echo of love was all I heard while night stayed shushed just like the time before and time before that… you tanned under sun I drew a hat and said remember what that delusional angel did? I bet he was having fun keeping intention well hid.

Love, song, food… dance for good, it’s nothing but an adolescent addiction embedded in this shapeless fiction. The kinder we become the harsher we get you bet it’s our damn fate that we met before sunset. Deadliest turn to our small barn, they say ‘do you see you were never meant to be’. Destined to solitary confinement, failed voyage for love sends hardest resentment. If you seek the truth, it’s written on our trembling hearts and eager lips… the only lie: ‘We will never say goodbye’. Cause, remember what that delusional angel did? I bet he was having fun keeping intention well hid.