True Depiction

Life of a man lacks breathing space sometimes. I take this as a part of being responsible adjusting to the expectation of this society. Act natural even though you can’t breathe in enough oxygen from the air. Let your aged heart absorb continuous explosions in silence. Put a smile if possible. Solitude then becomes your paradise to take refuge in, grow tough shield against casualties. Beauty in living a lone beast.


Sometimes it’s hard to decide who to turn your back on. Passions you have and goals set for you reside at extreme verges. You just can’t plant one foot in one and reach next with another. Well, if it’s always 2+2=4; it’s not life. Here we lose greater from selfishness than we do from sacrificing for others. Life’s balance sheet is a self-changing most complex maze; seems different from different perspectives. Almost impossible to figure out.




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