Backpacking in Bangladesh: Lonely Planet’s best-valued destination

When it comes to backpacking, thing that matters most is the amount needed to get by during one’s stay. Destinations that can set a fine-line between price and quality balancing both soundly tend to win significant amount of tourists. Countries like Thailand (!), Indonesia, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Bolivia realized the idea; now experiencing soaring tourist arrival and earning reliable recommendation. Thailand’s $3 dollar dorm bed, Indonesia’s $1.5 dollar buffet, Nicaragua’s $4-5 dollar lunch/dinner and Bolivia’s $5-6 dollar basic accommodation in clean and respectable place considered as backpacker’s candy.

Hang on now. What about our country Bangladesh? I asked myself the same thing. Well let me show you something. Pokhara city of Nepal; considered as the best backpacking destination since it provides affordability to light pockets. Pokhara tops the list providing average $14.32 daily cost for a backpacker. Which includes a dorm bed, 3 budget meals, 2 public transport, 1 paid cultural attraction and drinks. No destination from Bangladesh made that list. Despite that, I am comparing our most expensive Dhaka against the cheapest.

Items Pokhara. Nepal (approx) Dhaka,Bangladesh (approx)
1.Accommodation Dorm: $4 Dorm: $4.50 (possible, rare)
2.Transportation Bus: $0.50/kmTaxi: $1.70/km Bus: $0.20/kmTaxi: $1.92/km
3.Cultural attraction Devi’s falls: $0.50 Whole DU campus tour and national museum tour: $1
4.Food and drinks Breakfast: $1.48Lunch: $2.05Dinner: 2.09

3 soft drinks: $2.00

Breakfast: $1Lunch: $1.53Dinner: $1.92

3 soft drinks: $1.28

Source: Price of Travel, NUMBEO

Average daily cost in Dhaka: $13.35 (1 dollar = 78 taka)

Average daily cost in Pokhara: $14.32 (1 dollar = 98 NPR)

Now as you can see, we can even top the cheapest. That is the reason the most reliable travel magazine Lonely Planet picked Bangladesh as the best valued destination in 2011 where you get your money’s worth. Unluckily we are so deluded attracting luxury tourists that we don’t realize we don’t have enough infrastructure or incredible artificial entertainment which they value most. But we have nature that can beat heaven and unprecedented hospitality that backpackers desire most. Inviting you all to Bangladesh; the school of life.


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