Will grow up tomorrow…i swear ;)


I try to convince myself that i’m growing up and it’s time i took responsibilities. But beneath that i don’t want to grow up. I want to float in my world of drawings, comics and childish stupidity. I still seek sweet scoldings of my parents 🙂 I still want my world to be revolved around by only friends who talks weird and dirty :3 I want the absence of a bosses bossing around telling what to do and what not to. I want my family to be bugged away by me forever. I want the most impossible task in my bucket list to be possible. I want you to be more optimistic about my victory over passimistic thoughts. I want to read all the classic novels than just praising how rich their contents are. I want to see that memorable quotes from even a forgettable person getting famous. I want to see people having fun without any intention of interest. I want life saying to me ‘Your wish is my command’. I want those three wishes and make wish “May all my wishes come true”. And i know these won’t happen.      

I will have to grow up eventually in this cruel world. I will have to give in by giving up. If i’m obligated to do so my answer will always be…i will grow up tomorrow i swear 😉


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